Custom Built Standing Seam
     1.   Base Metal Material:  Steel
     2.   Manufacturing Standard:  ASTM-A-446, Grade D
     3.   Minimum Yield Strength:  50,000 PSI
     4.   Thickness:  24 or 26 Gauge
     5.   Protective Coating:   Zincalume, G-90 Galvanized or Galvalume Plus
     6.   Protective Coating Components:
               a.   Zinc = 45%
               b.   Aluminum Alloy = 55%
     7.   Protective Coating Thickness:  1.9 mils

     1.   Pattern:   Ribbed
     2.   Standing Seam Height:  1-1/2 inches
     3.   Nominal Panel Width:  12", 14", 16", 20"
     4.   Optional Stiffening Beads in Flat of Panel

     1.   Primer Coat Material:  Baked on Epoxy Primer
     2.   Minimum Primer Coat Dry Film Thickness:   .105 mils
     3.   Finish Coat Material:  Baked on PVF2 (Polyvinylidene Fluoride), Kynar 500, 70% Resin
     4.   Minimum Finish Coat Dry Film Thickness:  0.8 mils
     5.   Minimum Total Exterior Finish Dry Film Thickness:   1.0 mils
     6.   Color as selected by architect

     1.   Written Manufacturer's 20 year coating and fade resistance warranty on Kynar 500 paint system
     2.   Written Manufacturer's 20 year Zincalume warranty on the roof panel to not rupture, fail structurally, or perforate
     3.   Performance Tests:   Custom-Built Standing Seam has the following qualifications:
               a.   UL 90 Rated
               b.   ASTM # 293 Air Infiltration Test
               c.   ASTM E 331 Water Penetration Test
               d.   ASTM E 330 Structural Performance Test by Uniform Air Pressure Difference
               e.   ASTM E 108 Class "B" Burning Brand Test
               f.    Load-Span Tables
               g.   ICBO Report No. 4566- (Roof Covering)

Custom-Built Standing Seam Roof Panels are roll-formed at the job site after framing is completes to insure proper length and correct panel coverage.  Generally the panels are immediately placed on the roof, thus reducing the chance of damage to the panels to a minimum.  This can save four to six weeks of construction time, compared to conventional metal roofing that must be field measured, roll formed at a factory, shipped to the jobsite, and then loaded onto the roof.

Custom-Built panels are then secured to the roof purlins or decking by concealed anchor clips.  This virtually eliminates penetration of the roof panel by fasteners to the structure.  Thus holes which tend to elongate with thermal movement and cause leaks, are reduced to a minimum.

Anchor clips are designed to allow thermal movement, permitting use of longer panel lengths than conventional metal roofing systems.  Custom Built panels are formed ridge-to-eave in full lengths.  This provides for clean unbroken lines and eliminates end-lap leaks.

Custom Built panels, clips, and ridge closures can be designed into a weathertight system for roofing and siding in both new construction and re-roofing.

Companion items such as gutters; drip angles; fascias; ridge caps, window, or gable trim; and other flashings are not standard, but are fabricated to suit job conditions.

The 1-1/2" standing seams between panels are rolled closed over anchor clips, in the field, by an electronically driven self-propelled seamer.  The first profile has proven by far the most popular method of seaming as the panel ends up appearing as though it has small batten strips attached.  It is recommended to use the second profile when installing roofs where slopes will be under a one in twelve pitch.  Use of sealant tape permits use of first profile on slopes lower than one in twelve pitch.

Every custom built roof panel is attached to the roof using custom built concealed anchor clips.  Clip selection, placement, and method of attachment are determined by thermal movement, uplift loads, and the building structure.  The custom built slider type anchor clips are designed to permit longitudinal thermal movement while securing panels to the structure.  The custom built stationary anchor clips are used only when there is little or no thermal movement, for lengths under 30 feet.


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